Europeanisation meets democracy from below: The Western Balkans on the search for new European and democratic Momentum (WB2EU)

The Institute for Development and International Relations (IRMO) is a public, non-profit, scientific and policy research institute, engaged in the interdisciplinary study of European and international economic, political, cultural relations and communication. It has 38 employees out of which 16 are tenured academic staff and 6 are doctoral or postdoctoral researchers. The fundamental mission of the Institute is developing and disseminating theoretical, methodological and technical knowledge and skills required for the scientific and professional interpretation and evaluation of contemporary international relations which affect various human activities and related developmental trends important for the Republic of Croatia.

Senada Šelo Šabić, Senior Research Associate, Member of the Management Council of IRMO on behalf of the Scientific Council

Expert in foreign policy, European Union affairs, migration and international relations in general. Šelo Šabić holds PhD from the European University Institute in Florence and has received further training on development, U.S. national security, strategic foresight and international security. She teaches at the University of Zagreb and other universities, often speaks in public and in media on topics of foreign policy and migration. Šelo Šabić is an author of scholarly and popular articles on migration and the refugee crisis. She has written on Croatia’s foreign policy, countries in Southeast Europe, Brexit and other topics. She has participated in a number of projects thematically complementary to the proposed topic (EU-Turkey Future Relations; Building Bridges – Building national perspectives on the EU; European Defence Monitoring project, and others).

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Nikica Kolar, Research Assistant, IRMO

Nikica Kolar holds a MA in Political Science, Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Zagreb, Republic of Croatia. He earned B.A. in Political Sciences, Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Zagreb, Croatia. Since 2019 he is a PhD candidate enrolled in the doctoral study of Political Sciences, Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Zagreb. Since August 2019 he is employed as a Research Assistant in the Department for International Economic and Political Relations at the Institute for Development and International Relations (IRMO). His research interest includes political theory, international relations, status of refugees and Croatian domestic and foreign policy. Since 2019 he is an assistant editor of the Croatian International Relations Review (CIRR).

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