Europeanisation meets democracy from below: The Western Balkans on the search for new European and democratic Momentum (WB2EU)

EuropaNova was founded by young European professionals wishing to contribute to the public debate with concrete proposals, mobilise the broadest public via innovative actions, accelerate the move towards an European democratic economic and social space. Considered as a beneficial tool in spreading the ideas of EuropaNova, the department of studies selects, on a daily basis, different press articles, for analysis and diffusion, as well as works of other think tanks and academics. The latter constitute the scientific foundation of the Working Groups– which are working around topics such as Sustainable Development, Security and Defense, the European Business Law Code, Innovation, Digital Affairs, Culture or Energy Policy; niches of common interest in which professionals, senior experts, students and researchers gather together. Thus, EuropaNova’s contributors are academics, experienced professionals and young talents. Hence, the department of studies ensures an equilibrium between expertise and consulting, in Europa Nova’s perimeter of action. Since its establishment, EuropaNova is based upon the will of young, interdisciplinary and engaged people, who want to act on Europe’s reality and daily life. Networking and connecting stakeholders, students, young people, experts and researchers has always constituted EuropaNova’s DNA.A huge number of our publications draw on a narrow collaboration between students and leading experts: it constitutes an essential educational approach, specific to our own vision of research. This ambition is being reflected in the organisation of debates for civil society, in order to cherish those intellectual synergies. EuropaNova aims at filling the bridge between EU institutions and civil society. Based on an efficient method, the deliberative debates, we coordinate gatherings and dialogues between experts and participants around topics which mold current and future events. These meetings result in regular publications, destined to highlight each and everyone’s idea and knowledge.

Isabelle Négrier, Executive Director, EuropaNova

Nebojsa Vukadinovic, Expert for the European Commission on pre-accession funds, EuropaNova

Nebojsa Vukadinovic is a senior lecturer at Sciences Po Paris (campus Dijon) and an associate researcher at IRM-CMRP (University of Bordeaux). He is also a lecturer at INALCO (Paris). His research focuses on the European integration of Western Balkan countries with special regards to relations between external and local actors in the region. His research also focuses on the transformation of states and the economic development of Western Balkan countries. He holds several MA-equivalent degrees: DEA in Economics from the EHESS (Paris); DEA in Political Science from Sciences Po (Paris); and DEA of Philosophy from the University of Paris 1, Panthéon-Sorbonne. He also holds a PhD from Sciences Po Paris.

Former WB2EU Network & EuropaNova team members:

Elise Bernard, Senior Researcher, Director of Studies, EuropaNova

Elise Bernard, EuropaNova’s Director of Studies, holds a PhD
in public law from the Sorbonne’s Institute of European Studies. Her thesis, Mutations et transitions de l’Etat contemporain, le cas serbe (Mutations and transitions of the contemporary state, the Serbian case) was published, in 2012, by the French publisher LGDJ. In addition to her academic career marked by nearly 20 publications on the articulation of European and national legal orders, and the direction for 5 years of the CNRS seminar Politique communautaire et réforme de l’Etat en Europe post communiste (European policy and state reform in post-communist Europe), she has organised training courses for civil servants in the Balkans as well as a citizens‘ consultation on Europe in Belgrade with students from 11 different countries, in the presence of the
French ambassador. Civilian auditor of the 28th promotion of the Ecole de Guerre (War College) de Paris, she currently teaches at the Master Geostrategy Defence and International Security of Sciences Po Aix and and sits as an assessor judge at the National Asylum Court.

Edouard Gadot, Member of the Board, EuropaNova

Anna Lelkes, Junior Researcher, EuropaNova

Ninon Straëbler, Junior Researcher, EuropaNova

Amélie Jaques-Apke, Managing Director, EuropaNova Germany e.V.

Joseph Leloup, Junior Researcher, EuropaNova

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